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    Are you worried about the fact that choosing Sacramento to get a glimpse into the authentic Californian lifestyle in the detriment of Los Angeles or San Francisco is going to be disappointing? There is nothing disappointing about Sacramento. It is true that Sacramento is not by the beach but the city is so offering when it comes to places to visit and things to do that you will love it. From historic places to museums and from elegant restaurants to parks, there are so many things to discover about Sacramento that a few days are not going to be enough. Just make sure that you plan your days there thoroughly so you can check out its main attractions. Don’t forget to put some of its parks on the list, as there is a good reason why Sacramento’s nickname is ‘’City of Trees’’. Here are some of its most beautiful parks:

    • Capitol Park- Surrounding the Capitol Museum, this is a must see while in Sacramento. The landscaping is breathtaking, with a fantastic cactus and rose garden.
    • McKinley Park- This is another beauty in Sacramento. People from all over Sacramento visit this park for its unpaved gravel running trail, the best one in the city.

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